What Smells Repel Birds?

When the Montgomery birds are hunting their foods, they do not heavily rely on their sense of smell. They depend upon their incredible sense of sight and hearing to determine the location of their prey. They also use this when detecting their predator. Still, there are different scents that may affect their senses and irritate them. Some of them are completely safe to use while there are others that can be downright dangerous.

Types of Smell That Can Deter Birds
A small flock of bird can be virtually harmless but once it decided to gather into your property, their effect can be damaging. There are arrays of repellents sold in the market that aims to deliver a short-term solution for our bird infestation problem. However, if you want to create a homemade repellent, it is best that you know about the smell that can deter them.

Smell of Cigars
Those who have a smoking habit should stay away from their pet birds. The second-hand smoke can be detrimental to the health of the birds and can irritate them. The smell of cigars will stress them and they will start plucking their own feathers. The smoke of the cigarette will damage the respiratory system of the birds particularly its lungs. Accidentally ingesting the cigarette butts will lead to nicotine poisoning. This is due to the fact that 25% of the nicotine is found on the cigarette butts.

Air Freshener, Aerosol Spray, and Scented Candles
The scent of the air freshener, scented candles and aerosol spray can also be fatal to the Montgomery birds. Most of them release high concentration of essential oils that can impede on the senses of the birds and irritate their nostrils and throat. There are also instances that it can affect the nervous system of the bird that may lead to death. Some scented candles may also contain petroleum. The scent of the burning petroleum may have a resemblance to the scent of the burning rubber to the pigeons and other birds.

Cooking Scent
Our kitchen can release fumes that can be deadly to our birds. If you have a pet bird, refrain from using non-stick cookware. This contains a toxic element known as PTFE. This toxin has the capacity to destroy the tissue of the Alabama bird’s lungs. This will lead to suffocation that may result to death. Most of the cookware contains PTFE that will be damaging to the health of the birds. Better alternative for the non-stick cookware would be those that are made from aluminum, glass, copper, and stainless steel.

Birds are carrier of different diseases. Their droppings are also acidic that can corrode steels. It can also degrade the condition of the wood. In case you are having a problem with the birds, the scent above can help you drive them away. In the event that you find the process too cumbersome, professional wildlife removal agencies can help you deal with the bird infestation. Make sure that they have the experience and knowledge to deal with the dangers of the bird invasion.

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