What Are the Common Problems That Bats Cause?

It is relatively common for us to encounter bats that are gliding and swooping through the Montgomery ponds and on our yards. The way our culture has depict bats is truly disheartening. While we often relate them to eerie stories and blood sucking creatures, bats are beneficial to our environment. Their droppings can fertilize the soil and they also hunt the insects that are destroying our crops.

Dangers and the Damages Caused by Bats
Alabama Bats infestation can be a scary experience, due to the numerous dangers and risk associated with them. While they will not necessarily transform into a frightening vampire, their presence can still lead to severe negative effects. In this article, we listed some of the possible dangers associated with bats infestation.

Poor Sleep
Having a good and quality sleep can deliver a range of benefits. There are numerous scientific evidences that support the importance of quality sleep. Montgomery Bats are known to be a nocturnal species and the flapping of their wing and unique squeaking sound can disturb your peaceful sleep. A few bats may not produce a sound that can affect your rest but a large colony of bats can produce annoying sound.

Droppings of Bats
While we mentioned that the droppings of the bats are beneficial, it also carries some serious health risks. The guano of the bats can contain a fungus known as Histoplasma Capsulatum. Once the droppings dry up, there is a possibility that the fungus will be airborne. The fungus can then be inhaled by human and can lead to Histoplasmosis which is a type of lung infection. Once the disease spread on the different organs, it can be lethal.

Apart from the raccoons, the bats can also be a possible carrier of rabies. This disease can be transmitted through the bites and scratch of the infected creature. Aside from that, you can also contract this disease by touching the fur, blood, and excrement of the bats. Fortunately, this occurrence is relatively uncommon.

Bats can easily access our property and their favorite roosting ground would be our attic. Bats that are roosting on our attic can leave their droppings and urine on our insulation materials. This can damage the insulation and create an opening that will allow heat to escape our houses. This means that we have to incur extra costs on our utility bills. You should never ignore this situation especially if you want to bring down the cost of your monthly bills.

Finally, bats can also affect the integrity of our structure. This can lead to expensive repairs and renovation. The bats have tendency to chew our walls and leave stains on the exterior and interior part of our homes. Bats infestation should not be a problem that you can easily ignore. Be sure to familiarize yourself about the dangers associated with it and seek the help of the expert to deliver a long-lasting solution. In case you think that you have a large colony of bat in your property, contact your local wildlife agency right away.

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