What Are the Raccoon Species? Are They Rodents?

Some people will associate the raccoons with the squirrels and other rodents and others will think of them as tiny bears. There are people that will find them adorable and others that will be horrified on the damages that they can cause. Knowing what type of species the Montgomery raccoon is will give you a better insight on the creature that you need to deal with. Some of the information in this article will prove to be useful in case you are suffering from a raccoon infestation.

Interesting Facts about the Raccoon
In terms of classification, perhaps the most common misconception about the raccoon is that they are part of the rodent family. In case you have suffered from a raccoon invasion before, you will notice that they have a tendency to chew things which is a common trait of rodents such as mice and squirrels. When thinking about the classification of the raccoon, there are small things that you should consider. First is that the rodents will share similar feature such as the huge incisors that are located on their lower and upper jaw. You won’t be able to see this on the raccoon. This means that they are not part of the rodent family.

Asking if the raccoon belongs to the rodents’ species is actually wrong. First, rodent is considered a family and not species. To the average man, using the word ‘species’ is different on how the biologist use this term. Rodentia refers to an order whereas the species are various animals that are grouped in the same order. This is how the experts will classify these animals. They will separate them in different orders such as genus, family, order, phylum, class, kingdom, and species.

Species of the Raccoons
You will be surprised to know that there are 3 species of the Montgomery raccoons. Not all of them can be found in the urban settings. The first would be the Cozumel Raccoon (procyon pygmaeus). According to their name, this raccoon will be found in the Cozumel Island that is located in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. They are endangered species and cannot be found in the residential community of the US. The next one would be the crab-eating raccoon. This specie of raccoon has the ability to devour raccoon but they are actually omnivores. They will eat a wide range of food to satiate their hunger. Their feature closely resembles the raccoons that you will encounter in your yard. Compared to the raccoon in the community, they are smaller and have thinner frame. The largest raccoon can be found in different parts of the US. They are known as common raccoon due to the fact that they are extremely common.

You should not wait for the Alabama raccoons to cause damage before you do something about them. You might find their innocent faces cute and their silly action funny, but they can easily become your worst nightmare. In case you don’t know the right method to use, call the service of the professionals that can help you.

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